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Our Committee consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Chris Wilkinson

Frome Town Youth Chairman

Chris specialises with both boys and girls football and is vastly experienced within the youth football community. Newly elected and proud to be the new club chairman, Chris's ideas (along with the rest of the team) are going to make sure Frome Town Youth continue in the tradition to let kids just play. No matter what their standard or ability. Chris is a well organised and passionate Chairman, and probably one of the youngest to head a club with so many children in the UK. It's always been "playing time 1st, ability 2nd" for Chris, and this goes to prove that if you can just give children a chance then you are on to something big and successful. 

Starting in the summer of 2017, Chris has ensembled a good team behind him, with members that share the same ideas and want to pull in the same direction. From kickstarting the website again along with Wayne or creating a daily  FTY WhatsApp group that include Sarah, Jamie and Wayne, daily ideas are shared and problems are solved quickly and efficiently, leaving the club to operate at it's high standards that Chris has set, and will strive to acheive. He has set the club high goals to acheive, and the once a month committee meetings are a good time to share and outlay the ideas to get feedback from parents, committee members and coaches.


Coaching Grades:

Level 1 FA Certified, Safeguarding for children, First aid in football.

Contact Details:

Phone: 07850 765253 Email: chris.wilkinson@frometownyouthfc.co.uk


Sarah Davis

Frome Town Youth Club Secretary

Sarah has been instrumental in growing the club into a family friendly, well organised club for all ages and abilities. Now, the longest standing member of Frome Town Youth, she has implemented the 1st girls teams to play in Frome that has been nothing short of remarkable and has been the driving force behind the clubs succesful Wild Cats section. Sarah breathes Frome Town Youth, and has recently been re-elected as secretary for her XXth year - Well lets just say, it's probably best to leave it as a lot, as she doesn't like to boast!!

She was awrded the clubs Outstanding acheivement award in 2017. After many years of handing out the award herself, it was an emotional time for her to receive such a prestigious trophy. Luckily, one that she could celebrate with her family, friends and fellow volunteers.

Her hard work and passion is one of the main reasons why so many children get to enjoy outdoor sport, and continue, once finished playing at a youth level to come back and do it all again with the coaching/committte.

 Sarah also currently runs the U14's team, and has just taken the big step up into 11 a side football, where she continues to give up her family time to stand there in the wind and the rain on a Sunday afternoon to make sure 14+ players enjoy playing football once a week. In fact, this is the 2nd time that Sarah has coached from young 6 year olds right through to U16's. That itself is worthy of any award! Alongside her husband Tim, Sarah is one of only two people that hold the outstanding grade of a Level 2 qualification. The work that Sarah completes behind the scenes makes it a miricle that she runs a family and a day job alongside the football club - and that's not to count the athletics coaching that she does alongside her husband. Superwomen has nothing on her!!

Coaching Grades:

Level 1 & 2 FA Certified, Safeguarding for children, First aid in football and many more!!

Contact Details:

Phone: 07832 035552 Email: sarahlouisedavis77@gmail.com


Jamie Smart

Frome Town Youth Vice Chairman

Jamie is the first Frome Town Youth player to graduate through the age groups and come back to start over again, but in an adult volunteering role. Jamie is now giving up his spare time to make sure that all children are having the same quality of coaching and help that he experienced. Recently elected as Vice Chairman, Jamie is desparate to give something back to a club that gave him so much enjoyment as a child. Jamie's passion has been evident from the end of spring this year, making sure that there are no additional pitch headaches, by securing the club the 11 a side pitch at Mells to rebuilding their own 9 aside pitch alongside it. The garage and equipment clearence is just one thing that Jamie has added, as a days hard labour alongside Chris enable the club to cut down on overheads as well as making sure that any used equipment is recycled to other teams within the FTY family. As well as his son playing in the very prestigious JPL league, Jamie still finds time to help out with the U12's and help organise friendlies in between league games so that every player experiences large playing time.

Coaching Grades:


Contact Details:

Phone: 07428 178118


Kelly Mounty

Frome Town Youth Child Welfare Officer

Newly qualified and appointed as Frome Town Youth Child Welfare Officer, Kelly has been involved with the club for a couple of years. Along with many of the volunteers on this page, Kelly has a passion to help and make sure that the kids have a enjoyable and safe future.

Contact Details:

 Email: kelly.mounty@frometownyouthfc.co.uk



Teresa Stroop

Frome Town Youth Treasurer

Teresa has been in the hot seat for a little over 3 years, standing in on a temporary basis, however, she has proven to be so good at the job that we soon made it a permanent position! Having had a child play from age 5 through to age 16 and her husband Jos part of the club, who has both coached and been Child warefare Officer, Teresa was destined to become part of the team. With her experience of book keeping, and her passion to give  something to a club that her family have been involved in for so long, Teresa keeps the books well in shape. becoming more involved than ever, the coming year will prove to be one of the most succesful in terms of finance. This owes a lot to the hard work of Teresa Strop!

Contact Details:

Phone: 07989 458135 Email: teresastroop@blueyonder.co.uk



Wayne Oliver

Committee member/Coach

Wayne has been involved with Frome Town Youth for nearly 10 years and currently runs the Colts U15's. What started out as a little help for the U5's soon turned into full blown coaching and help within the organisation. Wayne's passion to get kids to play has been especially evident in the last few years, where he managed to grow 2 teams in his current age group, which is something of a rarity in Frome at the competitve football age. Although he has been involved for a lot of years in helping with Frome Town Youth, he recently joined the committe to assist with the running of the club in many departments.

This has been evident over the summer of 2017, where between Chris, Sarah and Jamie they have set many goals and already acheived some which are pushing the club forward.

Wayne has also been resposible for helping with the transistion of the Youth U14's where unfortunately Marc Holoway(who Wayne had coached alongside for 7 years) left his post due to work commitments. This enabled Wayne to place a new coach in charge and offer all the help and support that was needed.

Wayne is also an active writer for the FTY website, and along with Chris has helped gain momentum with the daily number of hits that the site now gets. Some of his match reports are certainly worth reading!! 

Coaching Grades:

FA Level 1, Safeguaring for children, First aid for football

Contact Details:

Phone: 07876236431 Email: wayne53104@live.co.uk


Jos Stroop

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Jos, again is a long time member of the clubs hierachy. He has been involved in coaching, child welfare, adult screening, tournament organising and many more valuable things to help us on our way. Although he has recently finished his coaching (after taking his team all the way to U16's), Jos is still an active member of the Frome Town Youth Committee. Always there to help the younger coaches for advice, or helping marking out a pitch from scratch, Jos oozes in experience with youth club football.

Coaching Grades:

FA Level 1, Safeguarding for children, First aid for football

Contact Details:

Phone: 07906 104711


Want to join us?

If you'd like to become a part of the Frome Town Youth FC family please contact one of the following committee members for more information.

Further information on membership fees can be found in the info & docs page membership scheme. To join the club please download and complete the membership application form and hand  to the age group manager.


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